Brand Design & Styling

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Nurture Nurture Nurture Nurture Nurture Nurture
'We love love love what you've done! It looks brilliant, we're really excited about getting it out there for everyone to see.'

Helen & Hannah Reeve, Nurture


Nurture are childcare, play and education specialists, who needed a brand that would be unique, friendly and sensitive. They needed to get across their expert, dependable and supportive approach, while allowing their open, fun and exciting nature to shine through.

The design idea stemmed from their company mantra, 'nourishing and nurturing by stimulating curiosity and offering opportunities to explore, experiment, and understand', coupled with inspiration from shape-sorters, and how they look to do just this.

The illustration style within the brand was inspired by potato print,

and combined with their distinctive logo and playful palette, creates a visually stimulating brand that draws both parent and child into their company vision.

Nurture's promotional material was litho printed using recycled, uncoated stock, and utilised folding techniques that further stimulated that sense of exploration.

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